Saturday, May 2, 2009

New York City -- Sister's Weekend

Little Italy - Our hotel was only a couple of blocks away and it was definitely one of our favorite places!

Statue of Liberty from the Ferry.

The lobby of our hotel.

Karra at one of the restaurants in Little Italy - I was having fun playing with my camera.
This is the New York Stock Exchange Building

Johanna and Karra on the Ferry.

Central Park -- I didn't realize there were so many rocks in Central Park.

Self Portrait in Times Square!

The Strand -- a bookstore that really had 18 miles of books!

Karra and I in front of the Statue of Liberty.

Karra and Johanna in front of all the M & M's!! A three story M & M store in Times Square.

Karra and I on the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked across the bridge over to Brooklyn and then walked back across on the Manhattan Bridge.

Johanna, Karra and I in Times Square.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Christinia, Phoenix and Rudonna...just before enjoying the delicious birthday cake that Christina made for me (R)

Tama, Phoenix and Matt. Phoenix looking at the videos of her cousins, Shaelyn & Paxton

Peeping around the corner

Amanda & Alayna

Robin and her, Uncle Mel

Cousins....Karra, Tama & & Robin

Phoenix and Christina

Phoenix and her grandmother...Debbie
Franklin and his sis, Yvonne...

Mel, Rudonna and Franklin

Mel, Rudonna, Linda & Brian

Then on the end of the Richmond trip we went over to Brian & Lindas for a few days. They had Franklin and Yvonne for dinner one evening.


Meeting folks at Jack & Mary's...


Mel & Rudonna

Jen & Kyle

Jen, Kyle & Darlene

Jonathan & Julianne

One evening we had Paul (Laura was in NH) Darlene, Kyle & Jen at Jonathan & Julianne's for supper. Was sure fun being with those folks again..
Wonderful time with dear friends..
Delicious dinner at Bob & Lindas with Jack & Mary and Jim & Jean before they left for Alabama



My good friend, Joan..

Rudonna & Joan

We visited Richmond Newspapers where I (Rudonna) use to work.... Here's some pics from that.

Our visitors in Wed. night meeting in Richmond from Australia..

March found us in Richmond for about 5 days. We stayed with Jonathan and Julianne and enjoyed seeing and visiting different ones in the area. Wed night meeting was at Jack & Mary's. We enjoyed meeting some of Mary Lou & Joanie's friends from Australia. We knew Nita's sister in San Antonia. Nita and her sister, Viviana, are originally from Mexico. We had also met another sister, it was nice to get acquainted with these folks.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Visitors for the Week-end...also had snow!

We had snow in the NC Triad last night - about 4 to 6 inches. Karra took a walk in the snow and took these pictures.

Jonathan & Julianne from Richmond came down for the week-end. On Saturday, Jonathan, Julianne, Karra and Tama and Mel and I went to Winston Salem and did some site seeing and had lunch at this cute cafe/restaurant at Reynolda Village. On Sunday we all and Nikki went up to Tobaccoville to Pat's, Pam's and Patrick's for Union Mtg. and then had lunch at a Mexican restaurant with Ray, Karen and Shannon. Jonathan & Julianne left on Sunday evening to go home and the roads were so bad they turned around and came back and spent the night and then went home today.

On Saturday afternoon Matt, Christina & Phoenix came up for the afternoon and evening and had supper with us.

Phoenix and her little faces that she makes...