Saturday, May 2, 2009

New York City -- Sister's Weekend

Little Italy - Our hotel was only a couple of blocks away and it was definitely one of our favorite places!

Statue of Liberty from the Ferry.

The lobby of our hotel.

Karra at one of the restaurants in Little Italy - I was having fun playing with my camera.
This is the New York Stock Exchange Building

Johanna and Karra on the Ferry.

Central Park -- I didn't realize there were so many rocks in Central Park.

Self Portrait in Times Square!

The Strand -- a bookstore that really had 18 miles of books!

Karra and I in front of the Statue of Liberty.

Karra and Johanna in front of all the M & M's!! A three story M & M store in Times Square.

Karra and I on the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked across the bridge over to Brooklyn and then walked back across on the Manhattan Bridge.

Johanna, Karra and I in Times Square.


Robin said...

How fun! Nothing better than sisters (and those friends that are close enough to be a sister)! Glad you sisters had a great time! It makes me miss mine!

Mochas, Mountains and Moby Wraps said...

Such fun pics - you girls are so lucky to have each other!! What a blast - why didn't we ever visit NYC when we were all in Rmond, I wonder?!